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Stress undermines IVF success

Today, many environmental factors such as malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle, stress, depression, smoking can affect both men and women and prevent having a child. In this case, couples who want to have children apply to doctors. With the guidance of the doctor, the couples start the most appropriate treatment for them. Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Prof. Dr. Faruk Buyru gave information about IVF management, which is among the most common methods. Dr. Buyru suggested that if it is not possible to get pregnant within 1 year or if the woman’s age is over 35, the examinations should be started within 6 months at the latest, without waiting.

More than 10 cigarettes a day cause infertility

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Prof. Dr. Faruk Buyru noted that smoking has a sterile effect on both men and women. prof. Dr. Buyru, “It adversely affects the number of eggs, egg quality, and the inside of the uterus where pregnancy takes place. In men who smoke, the number of sperm and motile sperm decreases, and DNA damage in sperm increases. For this, smoking more than ten cigarettes per day is sufficient. Smoking not only reduces the chance of self-pregnancy, but also negatively affects all kinds of treatment, reducing the chance of success. It is very important for the couple who will start IVF treatment to quit smoking. Moreover, it is necessary to do this 6 months in advance in order to have the same chance as a non-smoking couple. When I start treatment, I quit smoking” approach is not very realistic. For both men and women, a period of 6 months is required for the negative effects of smoking to disappear” .

Being unable to conceive causes stress

Prof.Dr. Buyru underlined that another factor that reduces the chance of getting pregnant is stress. prof. Dr. Buyru, “Actually, not being able to get pregnant is a stress factor in itself. It is known that not being able to have children causes stress as much as the diagnosis of cancer or AIDS. It will be useful to reduce stress when starting treatment, perhaps to get psychological support. If there is too much stress, it would be right to postpone the treatment. Depression also has the same effect as stress. During stress, more blood goes to the brain, heart and muscles, and blood flow to organs such as the digestive system and reproductive system is restricted. The shrinkage of the ovaries in the veins, the inside of the uterus and the testicles in men, the sperm said

Stress is the reason for quitting treatment

When couples fail in the first attempt, they get stressed and stop the treatment. Prof. Dr. Buyru, said, “Most of the couples after unsuccessful IVF treatment will have children in the next treatments. Stress ranks first among the reasons for discontinuing treatment. Fear of failing again prevents starting a second treatment as well as economic reasons. In this case, it would be very correct to get psychological support” .

Up to three cups of coffee a day positively affects male reproductive health

Stating that caffeine does not have a negative effect on treatment and the chance of conception, Prof. Dr. Buyru, “Even up to 3 cups of coffee a day has a positive effect on sperm in men. More than five cups of coffee a day should not be consumed”

Stay away from sugary drinks

Stating that excessive consumption of sugar is factors that negatively affect both quality of life and reproduction, Prof. Dr. Buyru continued his words as follows: “Excessive consumption of sugary drinks reduces the number of eggs and birth rates. In vitro fertilization success rates are lower in women with high HbA1C values, which show a long-term course of sugar in the blood. Weight control with diet and exercise, and the use of medications if insulin resistance is present are the measures that can be taken. During the treatment, excessive diet should not be done, sugar should be avoided, vegetables, fruits and protein should be fed. Here, too, the Mediterranean type diet comes to the fore.”

Regular exercise increases the chance of getting pregnant

Regular exercise affects both men and women to increase the chance of conception. Expressing that he has increased Prof. Dr. Buyru, “The decrease in sperm count in men in recent years is associated with environmental conditions and less movement. Regular physical activity, exercise helps to improve sperm count and motile sperm rate, while helping to recover damaged sperm. However, excessive exercise should also be avoided. Again, excessive cycling can also cause an increase in temperature in the testicles and have a negative effect”

Strict diet should not be done

Prof. Dr. Faruk Buyru, “The most correct one is Mediterranean type diet. Overheated, barbecued, barbecue type foods should be avoided. Excessive oil consumption should also be avoided. Omega 3 and fish consumption should be recommended to both men and women, and vitamin support should be provided in case of deficiency. Zinc, vitamin E, vitamin C and Omega 3 are beneficial for men who do not have a balanced diet and have low sperm count. Dark chocolate and exercise are the most important sources of natural antioxidants” .

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