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The best sleeping positions during pregnancy

There are many reasons why you may be uncomfortable in certain positions during pregnancy. There are some safe sleeping positions that will help you get the sleep and rest you need.

Your body goes through various changes while you’re pregnant. These changes cause you to change your sleeping position.

Among the reasons for your discomfort; there may be an increase in the size of the abdomen, back pain, heartburn, shortness of breath, excessive insomnia.

Best sleeping positions during pregnancy

The best sleeping position during pregnancy is to sleep on your left side. Sleeping on the left side will increase the amount of blood and nutrients reaching the placenta and your baby.

– Keep your legs and knees bent and place a pillow between your legs.

– If you have trouble with back pain, try sleeping on your left side and place a pillow under your stomach.

– If you experience heartburn during the night, you can try supporting your upper body with pillows.

– You may experience shortness of breath in late pregnancy. Try lying on your left side or a position supported by pillows.

These suggestions may not completely put you at ease, especially if you are used to sleeping on your back or face down, but try them. You may find it works after a while. Note that you can’t stay in one position all night and swivel positions are fine.

Which positions to avoid

Lying on back: Back pains, breathing, digestive system, hemorrhoids, low can cause problems with blood pressure. It can cause decreased circulation to your heart and your baby. This occurs when your stomach rests on your intestines and major blood vessels (aorta and vena cava).

Sleeping on your stomach: If you are used to sleeping on your stomach, you can continue to do this for a while during your pregnancy. Only after the third month, this position may disturb you as your belly will start to grow.

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