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The footprints of the future summit begins

Organization that focuses on the importance of the first 1000 days regarding maternal and child health, The First 1000 Days Summit will take place on Wednesday, April 10 this year in Istanbul. At the summit, expert speakers will inform the participants about maternal and infant health with a broad perspective.

At the summit, moderated by Child Health and Diseases and Neonatal Specialist Prof. Dr. In the scientific session to be held by İlknur Kılıç , “the importance of the vaccine and why we should be vaccinated” will be discussed, while at the same time, Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Dr. Emrah Kol will convey to the participants what should be known about pregnancy follow-up and preparation for childbirth.

Then Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Anıl Yeşildal “Tips for Healing Without Antibiotics” , Prof. Dr. Hilal Mocan will make presentations titled “New Trends and Facts in Baby Nutrition” , Pregnant Education Specialist and Baby Nurse Ayşe Öner will make presentations titled “The Importance of Baby Skin Care in the First 1000 Days” .

In the afternoon meetings of the summit, Dr. Ali Evrim Doğan “The Real Definition of Growth and the Importance of Nutrition” , Familylab Founder, Family Therapist Yılmaz Atmaca “Saying No with Love” , Exp. Ps. Hande Kızılöz Uluca will discuss “Do Not React to Your Child, Respond to Your Child” , Pediatrics Specialist Dr. Gökhan Mamur will discuss the “BLW Method (Baby Led Weaning)” and convey information to the participants.

At the same time, Akut Association Founding Member and Honorary President Ali Nasuh Mahruki will meet with the summit participants with his speech titled “I am Responsible for the Future” , while the famous presenter Tanem Sivar will share his motherhood experiences with the participants. )

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