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The importance of cutting the umbilical cord late

Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Aslıhan Yazıcıoğlu said that they were deprived of the immune cells passed from the mother. Recent studies show that waiting for at least 1 minute after the baby is born until the blood flow in the umbilical cord ends, makes their immunity and blood values ​​stronger.

80 diseases can be treated with stem cells

Yazıcıoğlu said that stem cells are used in childhood leukemia and many childhood cancer treatments. He noted that, thanks to the current technology, it is possible to treat about 80 diseases with stem cells. Stating that stem cells are now used in the treatment of heart attack, stroke and Alzheimer’s diseases, especially in adulthood, Yazıcıoğlu noted that the need for stem cells arises when the family’s 1st or 2nd child has leukemia.

Stem cell storage period 27 years

Yazıcıoğlu, “As there is a need for stem cells, family she immediately decides to give birth to a new child. There are stem cell banks available, but it is not possible to achieve full tissue compatibility with them. At this point, stem cells can be considered as a treasure. If the child with leukemia had previously stored stem cells, maybe without the need for another donor It was at the point where it could be treated. That’s why, considering that we see childhood cancers very often, I recommend that families consider stem cells as a wealth. They should definitely get detailed information about stem cells, that it is possible to preserve stem cells in our country, that their storage period is as long as 27 years. It is useful to know that there are periods. Stem cell is a very precious thing. After all, it is a precious life that goes to waste after the baby is born. is a zine. We advise families who will give birth.” said.

It is important to preserve cord blood

Yazıcıoğlu, especially He stated that there are stem cells in the bone marrow and in the root of the tooth, but in terms of quality, it is not as high-quality as the stem cell in the newborn baby. Yazıcıoğlu, “Therefore, the preservation of the stem cell of the newborn baby, that is, the cord blood in the umbilical cord, is of great importance for families. . Families have an important role to play at this point. Not every expectant mother can always access this information. It is not something we encounter very often in our daily lives; but doctors should definitely raise awareness of expectant mothers on this issue. I see that this issue is given more importance in pregnancy education. Expectant mothers should definitely get detailed information about stem cells and cord blood” .

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