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The most popular baby girl names and their meanings

Having a child is described by many as an experience of great happiness and meaning. Having a child has many positive aspects such as developing love and bonds, growing and learning together, and gaining meaningful responsibilities. We, too, are the most curious and searched meanings in Turkey for expectant mothers who want to experience this happiness; the most beautiful meaningful baby girl namesand this meanings of namesWe searched.

The positive aspects of having children

  • Love and Bond: When you have a child, you get an opportunity for deep love and bonding. The memories you have with your child allow you to develop emotional richness and family bonds.
  • Growth and Learning: Children offer you new perspectives in the process of exploring the world. Their sheer curiosity and willingness to learn inspires you as you grow and learn with them.
  • Meaningful Responsibility: When you have a child, you take on the responsibility of looking after him and meeting his needs. This fosters a sense of responsibility and reminds us of the need to support each other as a family.
  • Purpose of Life: For some people, having children is seen as the ultimate goal of life. Children represent the continuity and future of a family, which gives many a sense of meaning and purpose.

We have compiled the most frequently asked baby girl names and their meanings in Turkey.


  • Zeynep: It is the Turkish version of the Arabic name Zeyneb. It means “beautiful, jewellery, valuable, attractive, anything valuable.” Zeynep is a combination of the words Zeyn (ornament) and Eb (father) in Arabic.
  • Elif: Elif is the first letter of the Arabic alphabet. Its Hebrew counterpart is the letter alef. Its value in Ebced account is 1. It is one of the lunar letters. It represents the letter “A”, which is the first letter of the Arabic alphabet. The name Elif also means “loving person, elegant girl, friendly person”.
  • Bay: It is a laurel tree. The name Defne is used in the sense of a beautiful, well-behaved young girl based on mythological narratives. In addition to beauty, it also evokes meanings such as chastity and cleanliness. It is of Greek origin. Daphne (Daphne) is a fairy of legendary beauty in Greek mythology. It was created by Mother Earth Gaea and the River God Peneus. His most important feature is the first love of Apollo, the handsome son of Zeus, the God of Gods.
  • Ecrin: It means “ore, precious stone, reward for labor, gift, merit”. According to the Islamic belief, it is also used in the sense of a gift given by Allah. Another meaning is merit. It also means to be virtuous.
  • River:It means “stream”.
  • Aylin: Means “moon like” or “moonlight”.
  • Deep:It means “deep” or “depth”.
  • Hazel:Means “light brown” or “hazelnut color”.
  • Azra:It means “virgin, pure”. According to the legends, she is the lover of the fairy tale hero Vamık. It has meanings such as “unpierced pearl, untrodden sand”. It is called “azra” for untouched virgin girls. Azra is also another name for the city of Medina.
  • Asel: According to Islamic belief, it is the name of one of the four rivers in Paradise. It means “honey” and is of Arabic origin. Verse 15 of the chapter of Muhammad contains this word. In this verse, the river of honey in heaven is referred to as Asel.
  • Island:It means “a piece of land surrounded by the sea on four sides”.
  • Silk: Silk is a type of fabric. “Silk”, a fine and smooth fabric, is a soft, shiny fiber produced by the silkworm. This soft and shiny fabric is used in the meanings of elegant, gentle and thin.
  • Ceren: Means “gazelle” in Mongolian. It has passed into Turkish in the sense of elegant. Although it is said to mean “sky, sky” in some sources, its correct meaning is gazelle.
  • Mirai:It means “the reflection of the moon”. Hilal, which means the first days of the month, is another name used together with Miray. The name Miray is used to mean a person who shines like the Moon, shines and sets an example for those around him. It is of Persian origin.
  • September: It is a month name. According to the Julian and Gregorian calendars, it is the 9th month of the year and has 30 days; It takes place between August and October. It is the month of autumn.

These names are popular and frequently preferred names among parents in Turkey. However, each family can choose a name according to their own preferences, so name preferences may differ.

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