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The most popular names in 2022 have been announced! Zeynep and Alparslan name is at the top

The General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs of the Ministry of Interior shared the most popular baby names in 2022 in its latest statement. Accordingly, in 2022, it was determined that the name Alparslan was preferred the most in boys and Zeynep the most in girls.

The most important issue that parents who are excited about having a baby every year are the names they will give to their babies. Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs shared the table that emerged by determining the most preferred names in 2022. Accordingly, 15,836 twins, 373 triplets, 7 quadruplets and 1 quintuplets were born in 2022, and 1 million 22 thousand 737 babies were registered in the population registers. While Alparslan was the most preferred name for baby boys, the name Zeynep was in high demand for girls.

The most popular names in 2022 have been announced

On the other hand, 8,366 baby boys were named Alparslan, while 6,303 babies were named Yusuf and 5,72 were Miraç. After these names, Göktuğ, Ömer Asaf, Eymen, Aras, Ömer, Mustafa and Ali Asaf were the other most preferred names.

2022 most popular baby names

While 8,870 babies were named Zeynep in girls, 6,854 babies were named Defne, and 6,833 babies were named Asel. Zümra, Elif, Asya, Azra, Nehir, Eylül and Ecrin were other names that followed these names.


Some names were given to only one baby. These names are as follows:

Azra Akel, Elif Evin, Irmak Dila, Kerem Akil, Dilara Hayat, Eylül Feza, Oğuz Umut, Tuna Mete and Kağan Celal.

The most preferred baby names in 2022

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