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The mysterious hepatitis virus panic seen in children continues! Global epidemic suspicion from WHO

The World Health Organization reported that the mysterious hepatitis virus, which emerged in England on April 5 and seen in children, has spread to 11 countries. He announced that one child died from 169 hepatitis cases. The possibility of a global epidemic came to the fore again.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that a child died from the mysterious hepatitis virus, which emerged in England and was seen in 11 countries, including Europe. When the news of the first child death from 169 mysterious hepatitis cases was reported in the article published by the organization, the questions of whether the new global epidemic would be mysterious hepatitis took its place in mind. Richard Pebody, Member of the High Pathogen Threats Team of the WHO European Region, stated in a program that hepatitis cases were not high, but had bad results.

mysterious hepatitis cases


WHO written statement, United Kingdom He announced that 74 children seen in Istanbul had a mysterious hepatitis virus. As a result of a study conducted yesterday, it was reported that while it was seen in 11 countries, the number of cases was at least 169 and the first child death occurred.

cases of mysterious hepatitis

WHO stated that the mysterious hepatitis virus is seen in children aged between 1 month and 16 years, and liver transplantation was performed in 17 children whose livers collapsed due to its severe effects. he did.

cases of mysterious hepatitis


Experts announced that there may be a connection with k ovid-19 and adenovirus, which are upper respiratory diseases in the countries where the cases are seen. While studies on the subject continue, it was reported that adenovirus was found in 74 of the cases, k ovid-19 in 20, and both adenovirus and covid-19 in 19 cases. While the samples taken are still under investigation in the laboratory, no direct link to these two viruses has been found so far.

mysterious hepatitis cases

Director of Gene Therapy and Virologist at the American biotechnology company Sana’a. Semih Tareen stated that the viruses that normally cause liver failure are the hepatitis A, B, C and D viruses with known causes , “None of these viruses have been seen in the cases so far. Therefore, investigations have been started on what the cause of hepatitis infections is.” used the expression.

cases of mysterious hepatitis


Pointing out that the number of people is dominant, Tareen said, “Detection of adenovirus in these children raises a question mark. Because adenovirus does not normally cause hepatic hepatitis in healthy children.” . Underlining that adenovirus has only caused hepatitis in immunocompromised people so far, Tareen said, “There is no immunodeficiency in the cases in question. Therefore, it is not known exactly where these hepatitis viruses come from.” used the expressions.

mysterious hepatitis virus cases


The definition of the disease by WHO as “mysterious” or “unspecified” brings to mind the Covid-19 virus, a new ” brought the possibility of a “global epidemic” to the agenda. Before being named , Covid-19 was described as a “mysterious lung condition” .

cases of mysterious hepatitis virus

Virologist Dr. Semih Tareen, when asked about the possibility of mysterious hepatitis cases causing a new global epidemic , said, “There is nothing to worry about for now, but at the same time, we do not know the exact cause of the cases. We will understand in time.” replied.

cases of mysterious hepatitis virus


To date, 114 in the UK, 13 in Spain, 12 in Israel, 9 in the USA, 6 in Denmark, 2 in Ireland, 4 in the Netherlands and Italy In each case, 2 people in Norway and France and 1 person in Belgium were infected with the virus.

cases of mysterious hepatitis virus


explained that in the cases diagnosed by WHO, children had symptoms such as jaundice, diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain for the past month. He reported that some children had severe liver inflammation and were treated with liver transplantation.

mysterious hepatitis virus cases

Explaining that only one of the cases was transmitted by contact with the other, WHO explained that it is not known where the others got the virus from, and that children with symptoms should consult a specialist without delay. underlined.

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