There is definitely a scary side to being a mother as well as the excitement of being a mother. Now you have to think about everything for your child, save and prepare a future for him. However, we have compiled for you the issues that are not told to the new mothers but should be known. Tips for new moms: Things that are not always said!

There is a phrase that women have heard for as long as they can remember. “When you become a mother you will understand” . People want to be able to directly convey and explain the value and value of being a parent and their difficulties. But unfortunately, this is not a process that you can experience apart from experience. Mothers are responsible for protecting their children and preparing them for life. At some point, the baby also prepares its mother for life. Now those idle years are over and you spend your time without thinking, thinking about your child and working for him.

Although motherhood is understood after experience, we have prepared a list of tips consisting of the common opinions of mothers. Listen to what moms and experts have to tell you…

new sense of motherhood



In the few days of motherhood you experience in the hospital, you may not want to leave the hospital because of the presence of nurses and the peace of meeting there. It is perfectly natural for you to feel that the hospital is safe. Allow yourself to feel these emotions instead of suppressing them. Before you leave the hospital, you can talk to your spouse or nurse and share this situation. If you do not relax after sharing, do not leave it missing at home and in the car so that the thought that you need to continue your parenting in your home is settled. And rest assured, many new mothers have experienced this.

crying baby


Babies cry for a reason. You will even understand the problem according to the crying type and style of babies in the following processes. In addition, babies may want to try the chance to cry for their expectations of interest and relevance in the process of exploring the world. Even if he doesn’t have any grudges at first, he will cry and plan your arrival time and the possibility of doing what he wants when you come. This can turn into a new way of communication for the baby. Mothers, who stated that when crying, one should not fall on her immediately, stated that when she makes this a habit, problems can occur in her advanced ages. If you’re sure nothing’s wrong, you can just stand next to him in a safe place and wait for him to shut up. I’m sure it will stop somehow.

lactating baby

3- pacifier isn’t too much of a nuisance

While many parents argue that the pacifier is a bad and habit-forming feature, pediatric health experts give mothers the green light on this issue. First of all, experts said that it has a soothing and satisfying feature, and that babies have a calming sucking reflex. A pacifier can calm them when they’re fussy or scared, and it’s been shown to help them further develop their breastfeeding or bottle-sucking reflexes.

Experts of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) stated that it eliminates the symptoms of infant sudden death (SIDS) and is beneficial for the baby’s sleep pattern.

baby drinking breast milk


There may be confusion between the breast and the pacifier. The baby may or may not want to drink breast milk. In order to prevent and prevent this situation, the experts stated that breast milk should be settled in the routine first, and that it should be started when the time comes.


from many people “Getting used to your lap” you’ve heard the saying. While this is right at one point, it is wrong at another. Your baby learns about this world the way you describe it. In addition, as a result of a long-term research, it is revealed that the survival rate of the baby who does not come into contact with the skin and skin decreases. In other words, a baby who does not touch its mother carries the risk of death. In addition, the experts, who stated that the mental, physical and whole developmental process was behind, suggested that your children should be given the love and compassion they need.

According to the results of another study, it was revealed that the stress of the baby being held in the lap decreases and the neurons that improve pain tolerance are active in the brain. Therefore, do not be afraid to spend time with your baby, but do not carry it on your lap 24/7. Everyone has an individual hour and a time to devote to himself.

mom with baby


It can be tempting for new mothers to sleep in the same bed as the baby. According to a study, most infant deaths occur as a result of either the mother falling asleep while breastfeeding or the result of being out of breath by being crushed in bed. Instead of sleeping in the same bed, it is more logical to put a baby bed at the head of the mother’s bed and sleep as if they are side by side. Experts and moms agree that it should be this way at least until the age of 6 to 1 year.

postpartum depression


It was observed that 4 out of 5 mothers started postpartum depression or anxiety. Although this is one of the most natural processes, it may not always sound like a crying crisis. The feeling of alienation from the baby and the fault of your partner will disappear in time. However, experts explaining the benefits of getting prenatal and postnatal psychological support also suggested not to be alone in that situation. While underlining that many mothers harm their own baby or themselves, it is definitely useful to get psychological support.



It has been understood that one of the issues that many expectant mothers admit is not being able to ask for help. of your mothers “My child and I can’t look” it has been seen that he acts with his thoughts and suffers. Whatever happens, be aware that you are more of a new mom and never hesitate to ask for help. Getting help is a sign of strength, not weakness. A self-aware person asks for help, do not hesitate to make your life easier.

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