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Use of Mineral Water in Infants’ Food: Is It the Right Choice?

Mineral water is one of the drinks that contains natural minerals and electrolytes. The liquids used in the feeding of babies should be especially clean, healthy and nutritious. So, can mineral water be used in baby food?

Mineral water is not an option that can be preferred among the liquids used in the feeding of babies. Such drinks can increase the load on babies’ kidneys, leading to digestive problems and fluid imbalance. Also, the high levels of minerals in mineral water may not be processed properly by the baby’s digestive system, resulting in negative side effects.

Breastfeeding or formula is the most suitable option for infant feeding. Breast milk is an important source that supports the healthy development of babies and strengthens their immune systems. Formula is a suitable replacement for breast milk and provides the nutrients babies need to grow.

Fluid intake is also very important in the nutrition of babies. Babies’ fluid needs can vary depending on their age, weight, and activity level. To meet the fluid needs of babies, sterilized water or suitable formula should be used. While it is recommended that newborn babies be fed only with breast milk or formula, complementary foods can be started after 6 months of age. During the introduction of complementary foods, fruit juices, milk, tea, coffee and other high sugar drinks should be avoided.

As a result, it is not recommended to use mineral water in the feeding of babies. Breast milk, formula and properly sterilized water should be preferred to meet the fluid needs of babies. Making the right and healthy choices in the nutrition of babies is extremely important for a healthy growth and development. It is recommended that parents consult their doctors about feeding their babies and follow their recommendations.

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