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Watch out for the baby swings! Caused the death of a baby

The baby swings of a brand called 4moms, which was established abroad and sells in Turkey, caused the death of a baby and injured another baby in the neck. 4moms, which was learned to have sold over 2 million baby swings, sent an e-mail to its customers and asked for the products back. Here are all the details about the news…

The great danger has emerged in the baby carriages offered for sale by a brand called 4moms, whose headquarters is abroad. The baby carriages, which caused the death of a baby and injury to the neck of a baby as a result of incorrect design, were requested back from all customers by the company. The sale of baby swings named MamoRoo and RockaRoo, which sold more than 2 million copies of the brand, has been stopped.


It has been learned that the binding straps on the back of the swings pose a great danger to crawling babies. It has been announced that if the straps of the swings are wrapped around the neck of the babies, it can cause new accidents such as drowning and injury. After that, company officials made a call to customers who bought the product.



4moms company, which sent an e-mail to the customers, stated that free strap fasteners will be provided by the company to prevent the straps behind the swings from reaching out. The company, which warned its customers who do not provide strap fasteners, also warned that the swings should be kept out of the reach of babies.

watch out for baby swings

On the other hand, the official social media account of the company made the following statement on the subject:

“In coordination with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 4moms has today recalled some MamoRoo and RockaRoo baby swings and rockers. This includes 4 mom MamaRoo baby swings and all RockaRoo rockers. this does not include the new version. When the recalled swing or rocker is not used, the lashing straps can swing under the seat and crawling babies can get tangled in the straps. If you currently own one of these swings, please contact us immediately to get a free strap binder that will prevent the straps from reaching under the armpit when the swing or rocker is not in use. Thank you. For more information and to request a free strap fastener, please visit the link in our profile. Rest assured, safety is our top priority at 4moms. That’s why we designed this solution to ensure the safety of our customers and their families. Thank you in advance for your participation.”

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