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What are the benefits of black cumin seeds during pregnancy? When should black cumin be consumed during pregnancy?

Black cumin, which is one of the foods frequently consumed in alternative medicine, provides benefits even during pregnancy. Experts recommend regular consumption, especially before pregnancy. It is beneficial to start again about 1 week before the birth. What are the benefits of black cumin seeds during pregnancy? When should black cumin be consumed during pregnancy?

In the researches, it was determined that black cumin has a strong antioxidant effect and regenerates cells rapidly. According to Bukhari, our Prophet (saas) said about black cumin : “Keep using this black seed, because it has cure for every disease except death “. Especially when mixed with honey, the benefits of black cumin are doubled, experts in alternative medicine recommend both women and men to get pregnant. In a study conducted in the USA, he explained that black seed helps to clean the dirty cells and bad cholesterol in the blood from the body. Black cumin contains high levels of tannins. Tannin is the strongest antioxidant and antibacterial substance found in nature.

our prophet (pbuh) black cumin

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF Nigella sativa during pregnancy?

Most experts do not recommend the consumption of black cumin during pregnancy. Especially in the first 5 months, experts emphasize that it is better to stay away from black cumin. Since black cumin is a powerful antioxidant, it supports the relaxation of the muscles. It is inconvenient to relax the uterine muscles during pregnancy. It even includes the risk of the baby falling. It is essential to consult an expert on consumption. It is recommended to use black seed about 4 months before pregnancy. When used before, it increases the number of ovaries and sperm.

Nigella sativa should be consumed near birth

WHEN TO CONSUMED Nigella sativa during pregnancy?

Consuming one week before the birth will make the birth easier. It also supports the development of the baby in the last week. It is even recommended for use during breastfeeding. Enriching breast milk, black cumin also helps to get rid of edema quickly. In this period, it passes from mother to baby

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