Did you know that the intervention on the sensitive areas of babies’ bodies calms them? You can find the expert information we have compiled as the Yasemin.com team for mothers who apply many calming methods to a crying baby in our today’s article in detail.


Babies up to a certain age does not have the ability to express themselves. That’s why it’s hard for an adult to understand a baby. Some changes in their bodies, which show that they are growing, may cause pain to babies as well as cause them to become irritable. Before the intervention for a constantly crying baby, it is necessary to know the cause of the problem. Some sensitive areas on their bodies can be a solution to the crying problem of babies. We have anti-crisis suggestions for mothers who do not know the solutions to these problems.


There are points in the body where the nerves and bones in the feet are connected. The solution to the pain and discomfort experienced can be in the feet. Problems experienced by babies who cannot express themselves can be solved by massaging their feet.

  • Teething:

To relieve the pain of a teething baby to the tops of the toes can be gently massaged. The human skeleton is a structure in which the toes are connected to the upper and lower jaws. Therefore, the pain of a teething baby can be relieved by massaging the toes.

  • Runny nose:

The runny nose caused by the sinuses in babies causes them to be restless. On the other hand, the points where the sinuses are located and toes applied small touches make them relax.

  • Chest pain:

Also for chest pains that babies suffer from colds or certain chronic ailments. to middle toes massages will relax them.

  • Abdominal pain:

To relieve the pain of babies suffering from abdominal pain to the middle of your feet massage can be done. This method, which is good for stomach and abdominal pain, helps babies suffering from abdominal pain to pass.

  • Indigestion:

Babies with digestive problems 4 fingers away from the big toe to the middle parts of the foot gentle massage relieves the discomfort of indigestion.

  • Gas pain:

There is also a method for the most common gas pain problem in babies. This problem, which causes both himself and his parents to be sleepless, to the feet can find a solution with the message.

  • Constipation:

Another problem that causes discomfort in babies is constipation. Instead of resorting to pain relief syrups for this problem to the feet massage prevents the intestinal problem experienced.

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