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What causes a rash in babies? What is good for a rash in babies? 2022 best rash creams

A rash is a skin condition that usually occurs in hot and humid weather conditions. It shows burning with a pins-and-needles sensation. Although this disease can be seen in all people, it varies according to skin sensitivity and is more common in infants. Experts described the rash that parents were worried about for babies. What causes a rash in babies and how does it pass? What is the best remedy for rash in babies?

Today, one of the skin problems that is frequently seen in all age groups, especially in summer months when hot seasons prevail, is one of the skin problems. Rash, which is much more sensitive and delicate than us, is more common in newborns and childhood, and it manifests itself as reddish or pinkish spots on the knotty areas of the arms and legs of the body, on the back, neck, abdomen and chest. Mothers who gave birth in the summer months should obtain the necessary information to protect their babies against rash caused by extremely hot weather in the period after a few months, and when this situation is encountered, by applying the right methods of rash treatment, the baby should be saved from this discomfort.

How is a rash in babies


Skin condition, which is referred to as “Miliaria” in the medical literature but is more commonly used as “rash” today, is one of the most common conditions in infancy. . The rash, which you can notice by the appearance of red or pink dotted bumps, can often be confused with rash diseases such as chickenpox, rubella, measles and sixth disease . However, the reason why rash, which is a much lower level of discomfort compared to these types of diseases, is more common in infants; This is due to the fact that the skin pores are very small and the sweat glands are not fully developed.

rash in babies

The rash, which may occur especially in light-skinned babies after sweating due to heat or after a febrile illness, may also occur due to the reasons you have at hand. Narrow baby clothes made of synthetic fabric, not changing the diaper frequently, wrong diaper tying method, and not washing the baby enough will also be effective in not changing sweaty clothes.

Causes of rash in babies


Another finding that reveals rash is the exfoliation of the skin as a result of rashes that you can see in the elbow, neck, armpit or back. However, symptoms such as redness, swelling in the same color as the skin, reddish watery swelling on the skin, red spotting are one of the causes of rash seen both in infancy and childhood.

baby rash


The primary intervention that should be applied to the rash area of ​​the baby’s body is to keep the cold cloth on that area and give it coolness. In order to better understand the rash area, physical contact should not be attempted, as rubbing or touching it with your hand will cause irritation. If the rash in the area with the rash also leaks liquid or pus, it will be a sign of high fever or some problems, so in such cases, you should see a doctor without wasting time.

What is a rash in babies

If it has been revealed that the blisters and exfoliation of the skin are only a rash, spontaneous recovery will be seen within 4-5 days. In order to carry out sea water, which is among some of the rash treatment methods you can apply, it is required that all vaccinations of the baby have been made. Otherwise, some diseases may occur against the risk of infection. Another method that you can apply in the treatment of rash is rash creams and drugs used. Here is the list of creams used in the treatment of rash and rash that mothers recommend and are satisfied with and approved by experts…

Rash creams for babies


BEPANTHOL Baby diaper rash cream An effective rash cream, when applied to dry and chapped areas, it shows intense moisturizing and repairing properties. 95 TL
MUSTELA rash cream It has natural ingredients and can be used for newborns. The mothers who used it stated that they did not deal with diaper rash. 85 TL
SEBAMED diaper rash cream A product that is highly appreciated for its healing properties, pH of the skin maintains its level. It’s easy to drive. 55 TL
BÜBCHEN diaper rash cream While it manages to impress with its pleasant smell, it contains A,D It contains vitamins E. It has an active role in skin regeneration. 55 TL
HAMETOL baby diaper rash cream With the Hammamelis Virginiana extract in its content, the skin is moist, It keeps it smooth and soft. It relieves redness and irritation well. It can be applied easily. 25 TL
UNİ BABY diaper rash cream Specially developed for babies. Contains plant extracts. It has a fast absorbing comfortable formula. 50 TL

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