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What causes anorexia in children? How to relieve anorexia in children?

One of the most common complaints of parents is that children do not eat. However, for a healthy development, children need good nutrition. For this, experts warned about children who do not eat. The child whose appetite is lost may have many health problems. What causes anorexia in children? How to relieve anorexia in children?

Experts deal with anorexia in children both physically and psychologically. Physically, low levels of serotonin in children are caused by digestive problems, infectious diseases and intestinal parasites. Psychologically, it was stated that it was caused by the pressure of the parents to eat the child. In addition, the low level of parents’ consultation with a specialist on this issue paves the way for unhealthy development in children. However, in 80 percent of the studies, the source of the loss of appetite in children is caused by intestinal and stomach parasites that occur due to malnutrition.

loss of appetite negatively affects the development of the child


Food pressure exerted by parents on a child who eats little food causes negative thoughts that children subconsciously feel about nutrition.

Hormone disorder experienced in children with an unhealthy diet naturally affects digestion.

The fact that digestive problems experienced in infancy and become permanent now lead to digestive diseases in later ages, paves the way for loss of appetite.

Being distant from food and lack of affection from parents with various activities keeps the child away from nutrition.

anorexia prevents development in children


  • It negatively affects body mass index. That is, it causes problems in the development of the child.
  • Children who can’t take the necessary vitamins and minerals invite diseases with the weakness of immunity in the future.
  • Sleep problems are very common in later ages, especially in children who do not eat well at childhood. It also weakens focus and concentration power.
  • Another common problem in children who do not get enough vitamins is weakness in the bone and muscle system.
  • Succumbs to stress and depression due to hormone disorder. For this reason, they constantly exhibit harsh and unruly attitudes.

loss of appetite hinders development in children


  1. According to psychologists, children should be told how they will experience problems if they are not fed according to their age.
  2. From time to time, the child should be asked what kind of food he should eat, and it should be made to feel that a diet is actually prepared according to his ideas.
  3. Ask the child to help you while preparing the meal. Thus, you will discover what you want to eat and how you want to eat it.
  4. It is absolutely necessary to be with the child while eating. Because the best way to teach a child is to set an example. The child who sees that you consume with pleasure will be more moderate towards foods.
  5. Do not prolong this period when he insists on not eating. Find out why she doesn’t want to eat with him in a normal tone of voice. Make the environment fun by giving small examples of yourself.
  6. One of the most common mistakes parents make in infancy is to make them eat while watching television or a video. This reduces the child’s interest. Therefore, showing that the food is eaten by chatting from the table as a family contributes positively to the development of the child.
  7. While cooking, ask his opinion about the measures and prepare the ground for him to feel belonging to the meal.

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