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What consistency are eggs given to babies? How to boil eggs for babies?

Parents who start solid food with their babies want their children to get the nutritional benefits of each food. Eggs, one of the most basic foods in this regard, became a matter of curiosity. Stating that the folate, vitamin B12, D and E vitamins in its content are very important, experts explained all the details about feeding eggs to babies. What consistency are eggs given to babies? How to boil eggs for babies?

Due to its structure, eggs contain very high amounts of calcium, zinc and iron. Eggs, which contain the vitamins and minerals that children need most in their developmental age, are also preferred in terms of keeping them full for a long time. Explaining that at one point, the critically important egg should be tested for allergy before giving it to babies, the experts also underlined that the baby should be taken to the doctor’s control for a healthy growth. So, what consistency should an egg given to babies be? At what age are babies given eggs? How to boil eggs for babies? We have answered for you in our news…

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Nutrition is one of the most important basic elements for development in infancy. After 6 months, the baby who has an allergy test and is not allergic should start feeding eggs from a small child during the supplementary food period. Eggs, which contain high protein and calcium, start to meet their needs after 6 months if the mother’s milk is not enough for the baby. Due to its structure, the egg is a relatively inexpensive and valuable complementary food with its low fat content and rich vitamin and mineral care.

feeding eggs to babies


It is a very important issue, along with when to give the egg that will only be given to babies, and how it will be given. Raw or undercooked eggs carry the risk of salmonella for babies and children. Salmonella is a bacterial disease that affects the intestinal tract. While preparing eggs for your babies and children, it is not necessary to overcook them and reduce their nutritional value, nor should they leave slimy and trigger salmonella bacteria. Experts stated that it should not be cooked for minutes, and that it is not runny, as it is the healthiest for babies.



Stating that the ideal boiling time for babies is 5-6 minutes, the experts stated that the nutritional values ​​of the eggs fed with the consistency of apricot are preserved, while reducing the risk of bacteria. In addition, the baby should not be expected to completely finish the yolk of an egg, 1 – 2 teaspoons should be fed. In this case, the stomach capacity of babies should be considered.

While boiling eggs for the baby, the water in the coffee pot should be waited for boiling and the egg should be left in the water after the water boils. The egg, which has been boiling for 5 or 6 minutes, should be removed from the stove and then rinsed with cold water and peeled. If you want it to be peeled more easily, it will make your job easier to crack it in its hot state and leave it in cold water.

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