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What is Autism Spectrum Disorder? Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum is a neuro-developmental difference that is congenital or begins to appear within the first three years of birth. Children with autism, who are different from other children, have various problems in communicating with their environment. What are these problems, let’s examine our news that we have compiled with expert knowledge…

Autism is a serious disease that begins in early childhood. neurodevelopmental is a difference. Generally, there is no problem in skills such as sitting, walking, and height and weight regulation. There is no difference in the appearance of children with autism. They are sweet and beautiful just like other children. Children with autism who have difficulties in communication, limited interests that can impair social interaction is among the most notable behaviors. Symptoms sometimes begin before the age of 1, while in some children there is a pause in their development after the first words are spoken. Autism, which affects the structure and functioning of the brain, can be controlled to a large extent with early diagnosis and the right education method.


The cause of autism spectrum disorder, whose cause has not been found until today, genetic and some environmental factors. Disrupting brain functions and cell communication some genetic neurometabolic(brain chemistry disorders) and in epilepsy diseases are also observed to have autism symptoms.


A child with autism may sometimes show symptoms and sometimes not. This can confuse parents. It is from this dilemma that autism is called a spectrum disorder. So what are the most basic symptoms of autism:

  • Failure to make eye contact,
  • Short, shy glances,
  • They usually do not respond when their name is called,
  • Almost all speech problems,
  • Imitation skill is limited,
  • Communication problem is intense,
  • They prefer to be alone in their own world,
  • Plays with a part of the toy, not the whole
  • For him, living and non-living are no different,
  • Sometimes imitates what is said,
  • Reverses pronouns like I-you


The diagnosis of autism is made not by any test method in laboratory settings, but by observations made by the child psychiatrist, questions asked to the family and some developmental tests. In order to differentiate it from other diseases, it can be referred to other specialist doctors for blood analysis, ear-nose-throat and metabolic diseases when necessary. Autism that cannot be diagnosed in the womb, It has been observed that it is 4 times more common in boys than girls.


Autism Spectrum Disorder;

There is no known drug or surgical treatment for . Treatment of a child with autism, aims to support its development, eliminate related disorders and help the family manage this process. The development of the brain in the first 3 years is a very important time period for learning.

Treatment planned according to the child’s needs; Behavioral therapies with intensive and continuous training at a young age help children to take care of themselves and gain social and work skills.

Autism treatment that improves functionality; can prevent violence and maladaptive behaviors. Autism treatment, which is started at an early age, and the preparation of a training program by experts, individually or as a group, according to the child’s abilities and needs, with the support of the family, is the most common treatment method today. During this treatment The child with autism must have his own doctor, special educator, speech specialist, child psychiatrist and child neurologist.

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