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What is game addiction in children? What are the symptoms and precautions of gaming addiction?

Especially worried about their children who are stuck in front of the screen during the pandemic process, they started to research how to prevent this issue and to what extent they are considered as game addicts. In line with the questions from the experts, the increasing game addiction especially in children and adolescents was explained. What is game addiction in children? What are the symptoms and precautions of gaming addiction?

With the emergence of the pandemic in 2019, the need to adapt to the digital world suddenly makes it possible to read even the simplest book on a tablet or phone. Parents who rebelled against tablets instead of textbooks, which were previously distributed in pilot schools, are now starting to worry about their children, whom they cannot leave. Game addiction, which is salt and pepper, is triggered by the fact that the child is locked in front of the screen for hours and does not move, and now the school is closed. Experts who made a statement on this subject clarified what parents should do and how much they are addicted to games.

game addicted boy


Game addiction is a situation where the game takes precedence over other interests and daily activities. In order to talk about a situation as addictive, we need to see that person’s quality of life decrease. In the case of playing games, physical consequences such as gradual loss of self, not eating, not being able to go out, weight gain or loss should have appeared. Stating that despite all these negative symptoms, there should be feelings of not being able to prevent oneself and taking control of the situation, experts stated that in this case, it is possible to talk about the existence or development of the child’s addiction.

game addicted boy

To qualify as a game addict;

  • The multiplicity of time periods played,
  • Visible stretching of the child’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development as a result of the game,
  • It is necessary to specify what emotion arises when you are deprived of the game.

While this port, where the child takes shelter for relaxation, often turns into an addiction, it can become a habit. Mentioning the importance of parents’ controls in this situation, experts emphasized that education and development are with these technological tools. While restricting, it is necessary not to deprive the child of information at the same time. On the one hand, since they are children of the digital age, parents must be seriously media literate to ensure this control.

game addicted boy

In addition, as long as he cannot find the pleasure he gets from the game in something else, the experts stated that this situation will both gnaw at him and make him return at the first opportunity, and stated that the families have a great deal of action in this regard. He underlined that it is important to take the child to courses from place to place, to encourage various activities and to spend time with the family. The most important part is that parents who are chosen as idols should not be dependent or constantly on the phone. The person who will be the best example for the child is the child’s own family.

game addicted boy


In order to be able to define that a child is a game addict, he must have at least five of the symptoms listed below.

  • Excessive preoccupation with video and games
  • Bad feelings and aggressive, depressive behaviors when not playing
  • Although he tries to limit himself in the game, he cannot
  • Doesn’t want to do the things he used to like to do anymore
  • Lying to relatives or others to hide playing time
  • Playing games to improve mood
  • Leaving vital issues such as career, education, course and focusing only on the game
  • Putting games at the center of your life
  • Noticeable decreases in school and course success,
  • Less communication at school or with the environment and avoidance of communication in general
  • Playing games without leaving home instead of spending time with friends
  • Behavior and mood; If it evokes problems such as depression and anxiety, addiction should be suspected.

game addicted boy


Explaining that it is important for families to get closer to their children in this regard, experts should first realize that these children born in the digital world cannot prevent them from playing games. In this period, it is not appropriate for the child to be raised and developed away from technology. Therefore, it is necessary to teach the child to use technology in a healthy way and to make him gain a habit accordingly.

game addicted boy

First of all, families need to stay away from their judgmental and condescending attitudes. It should not be forgotten that such children may have a lack of self-confidence over time, adopting asocial life and may have excluded themselves. The family needs to seek a joint solution with their child.

game addicted boy

First of all, parents should test the games they play and confirm whether they have bad content. The game that he thinks is not harmful should be played together. Spending time with the child makes the child feel valued and can dream of other activities you can do together.

play family games

Game hours should be restricted. A child who is left completely on his own will not be successful in managing time. You can provide the greatest support in this regard by making love event plans with him. When he believes it will be more fun, he will stop playing.

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