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What is Strep A? What are the symptoms of Strep A? Warning from experts: It continues to take life!

There have been repeated warnings from experts about the strep A virus, a global health problem that started to appear in the UK and is a global health problem. Strep A bacteria began to be investigated with the cry of the father, who recently lost his 3-year-old child due to streptococcal disease. So what is Strep A? What are the symptoms of Strep A? How to treat streptococcus?

The strep A virus, which has been researched frequently in recent years and has increased the possibility of being seen in children, has been a matter of curiosity. Updated information about the epidemic, which first appeared in England and caused panic in millions of people, especially when it started to spread among children, continues to come. Bacteria that begin to appear commonly on the skin or throat; sore throat manifests as soft tissue infections. Although it mainly affects young children, it can also be seen in infants and the elderly. Experts warned of precautions for strep-A infection, which has started to be seen in Turkey recently. The statements of the father, who recently lost his 3-year-old son Aras Sönmez due to streptococcal bacteria, attracted attention. The strep A infection, which affects everyone, has been the subject of curiosity about what kind of diseases it causes and how to prevent its infection. So what is Strep A? What are the symptoms of strep A infection?



Experts who draw attention to the symptoms of the disease, “If a child has a sore throat, fever, swelling of the tonsils, throat or lymph nodes, a doctor should be consulted immediately, and antibiotics should be started immediately at this point. The decision on this issue should be up to the doctor. In many European countries such as the UK and the Netherlands, physicians are easily pressured not to prescribe antibiotics. They do not prescribe antibiotics easily, therefore, such diseases are more common there. Antibiotics should not be prescribed unnecessarily. The Western world had forgotten about these diseases for a while, so it was said not to prescribe antibiotics. Now there is an excessive warning of “prescribe antibiotics”. Rational antibiotics should be used here. It is necessary to give the right antibiotic in the right dose when necessary. Then this is bad Is it possible to get rid of tables? comes with; But if your child has a high fever, skin rash, severe abdominal pain, unexplained vomiting and diarrhea, then go to the emergency room without delay, even minutes matter.”made statements.


What are the symptoms of strep a?


Strep, a bacterial infection that affects the back of the throat, is known as “group A Streptococcus” (GAS). Most cases of strep throat, which begin to be seen intensely in certain periods, are seen in young children, while adults are infected. Strep bacteria is transmitted to a person by close, indirect, or contact. The strep bacteria that enter the body primarily affect the back of the throat parts, infecting the tonsils in the throat and causing inflammation. During coughing and sneezing, small air droplets spread around and bacteria are expelled. Therefore, strep disease is a highly contagious disease.

strep a is more likely to occur in children


Bacteria first appear in the throat. They can carry strep a bacteria, which also shows symptoms on the skin, without showing any symptoms. Symptoms that the disease begins to show in the body include:

  • Sore throat
  • painful swallowing
  • Headache
  • shedding in other parts of the body
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • ignition
  • Redness and swelling of the tonsils
  • Muscle pains
  • Tiredness
  • Red spots and sores on the skin

Sore throat and rash symptoms of strep a

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