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What is the BİLSEM exam and who can participate? BİLSEM exam dates are 2022

There are days left for the BİLSEM exam, which is on the agenda of students and parents as well as schools. What is the most searched BİLSEM exam on Google search engines lately? You can find the answers to the questions of who can participate in the BİLSEM exam and when it will be held, in our news.

The name of which has been made frequently in recent times and which has been carried out to support education. Science and art centers (BİLSEM), general mental ability, visual arts or music talent are private education institutions opened for specially recognized students to develop themselves in their fields of interest and to receive education. It has been enriched with different education programs so that students serving in 81 provinces understand their special talents and potentials and can contribute to themselves and the society. IF I KNOW‘s 2022 application and exam dates have been announced. BİLSEM exam 1, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade levels will be made among the students nominated according to their talents by the classroom teachers.

►Purpose: In the formal education system, it is to evaluate students who are subject to the same curriculum as all students, but who have individual abilities that distinguish them from other students. In other words, it is a supportive education institution that prepares special curricula for gifted students in order to evaluate their potential.


10-21 January 2022 students were nominated according to their talent areas. 19 February – 8 May 2022, students will be evaluated according to their talent areas. Students who are successful and entitled to enroll 19 August 2022 will be announced on.


Special education program applied IF I KNOW recruits students who are successful in the annual exam and interview to the training program. Students cannot apply individually. IF I KNOW, first of all students must be nominated by classroom teachers. Just first, second and third grade students can participate IF I KNOW exam is done interactively on a tablet.

The student selection phase basically consists of 3 steps:

  • Nomination Phase
  • Preliminary Evaluation Phase
  • Individual Evaluation Stage

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