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What position should babies sleep in?

Babies’ sleep patterns are an essential part of their development. Since the newborn period, most of the babies sleep and therefore sleep positions are of great importance for parents. This is a point that should be paid attention to in terms of the safety and health of babies.

Sleeping positions are a critical factor for babies to have a comfortable sleep and for their development to progress in a healthy way. In this article, you can find information about correct sleeping positions for babies. However, it is important to note that this information contains general recommendations and since every baby may be different, it is important to consult with your baby’s doctor to determine the best sleeping position.

Sleep Positions and Its Importance

Babies can sleep in different positions. However, some positions are more suitable for your baby’s safety. The stomach position is considered risky by experts. Sleeping your baby on their back is generally the safest and recommended sleeping position. This position keeps the baby’s airways open and reduces risks such as sudden infant death syndrome.

Sleeping Position on the Stomach and Its Risks

Sleeping on your stomach can make it harder for your baby to breathe and increase the risk of suffocation. It’s also possible for your baby to breathe the same air and be exposed to germs because their face is close to the sheet. Sleep experts recommend that you avoid sleeping your baby on his stomach in general. However, for some situations, doctors may recommend the stomach sleeping position. In this case, you should definitely talk to your doctor.

Supine Sleeping Position and Safety

The safest sleeping position for babies is to sleep on their back. This position reduces the risk of obstruction of the baby’s airways. However, your baby may be at risk of flat head syndrome in the supine sleeping position. To reduce this risk, you can occasionally hold your baby in the tummy position or turn it to the right or left while awake.

Suggestions for Increasing the Sleep Safety of Babies

  • Put your baby to sleep in a firm mattress and safety approved crib. Avoid using soft bedding and pillows.
  • Do not expose your baby to cigarette smoke and keep the sleeping area clean.
  • Check the temperature of the area where you lay your baby. An average temperature of 22-23 degrees is recommended.
  • Handle the baby blanket carefully. Cover the baby lightly and leave the arms out.
  • Make an effort to get your babies used to sleeping on their back. From time to time, hold your baby in the supine position while awake.
  • Make sure your baby’s sleeping place is close to your room, but avoid sleeping in the same bed.
  • If your baby has a stuffy nose, you can use an air humidifier.
  • You can monitor your baby using a baby monitor.
  • Make an effort to get your baby used to sleeping in the supine position when they wake up.

Remember that every baby is different and their sleep needs may vary. Try to determine the most suitable sleeping position for your baby, taking into account your doctor’s recommendations.

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