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What should a baby with allergies eat? What are alternative foods for allergic babies?

Parents want to raise their children in the healthiest way possible. Parents who find themselves doing research on this subject are not sure what to feed their children with allergies. We have researched alternative foods for you against allergies, which is found in 8% of babies in recent studies in Turkey. What should a baby with allergies eat? What are alternative foods for allergic babies?

According to recent studies in Turkey, between 6% and 8% of babies have food allergies. This raises puzzling questions about how parents should care for their babies. On the one hand, it is desirable for every food to have its values, on the other hand, dealing with allergies is quite annoying. Explaining that the incidence of food allergy in infants has doubled in the last 10 years in Turkey, the experts also stated that it significantly affects the healthy progress of infants’ development and the ability to complete their mental activities perfectly. In this case, we learned alternative foods for babies with allergies from experts.

baby with allergies


Stating that the most important way to protect from allergies is breast milk for 6 months, experts stated that while switching to complementary foods, it should be tasted with a teaspoon first. It was explained that allergic reactions should be expected and should be continued accordingly. It was underlined that the same food should be given with a teaspoon, not a teaspoon, on the second day, and it should be increased a little more the next day. In this way, it is understood whether the baby is accustomed to food and whether there is an allergy.

The only solution to protect from allergies will be to remove allergenic foods from their meals and replace them with their equivalents. We recommend that you continue with our news that will guide you in this regard.

baby with allergies



ALMOND MILK: After the age of 1, you can put your baby with allergies into formula recipes. Almond is a very rich food, especially in terms of calcium content. You can use it with peace of mind when you are deprived of milk.

oat milk

OAT MILK:Oat milk, which you can use for your baby with allergies from the 7th month, is among the most beneficial foods with its beta glucan content and fiber content.

coconut milk

COCONUT MILK: Known for its contribution to the immune system, coconut milk also has the ability to balance blood pressure. Together with the magnesium in its content, it takes its place in the food group that contributes to the most active and healthy heart muscles. You can use coconut milk instead of cow’s milk after the age of 1 for your baby with allergies.


LINEN SEED GEL:  Thanks to the Omega 3 fatty acids in flaxseed, it is a very rich food source. After grinding 1 tablespoon of flaxseed with a grinder, we wait for 5 minutes with 3 tablespoons of water and turn it into a gel. You can use this mixture in your recipes instead of 1 egg with peace of mind.

chia seed gel

CHIA SEED GEL: The chia seed gel, which contains Omega-3, A, B, D and E vitamins and is very rich in iron, magnesium, iodine and sulfur, will ensure that your baby gains nutrients that they cannot normally get from eggs. Chia seeds, which are also very rich in fiber source, gain a gel consistency if you grind 1 tablespoon of chia and then wait for 5 minutes with 3 tablespoons of water. You can use it instead of 1 egg with peace of mind.

mashed banana

BANANA PUREE:You can use 1/4 cup mashed banana instead of 1 egg.


Apple Puree: You can use 1/4 cup applesauce instead of 1 egg.

avocado puree

AVOCADO PUREE: You can mash 1/4 avocado and use it instead of 1 egg.


POTATOES:You can easily use foods such as potatoes and rice for wheat starch to use in your recipes.

mashed potatoes

DRY BEANS:You can make your own bread naturally with legumes such as chickpeas and lentils, and thus protect your baby, which you keep away from mixtures.

dry beans

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