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What should a child do to be smart? How to raise a smart child?

A 43-year study conducted in the United States reveals the truth. On the normal and gifted children used in the research, the category of mathematically developing children was opened and examined. It has been argued that early cognitive abilities are more effective in success than practice or even the socio-economic level of the child. What should a child do to be smart? How to raise a smart child?

Raising smart children is the dream of every parent and what they want to do. But research on the difference between children and how intelligence develops, for parents who don’t know how to do it, suggested that brain structure emerges with training at an early age. While the used brain continues to grow, the unused brain shrinks. Explaining on the basis of this situation, the research experts suggested that the earlier the child starts cognitive skills, the smarter he will be. These cognitive skills, on the other hand, progress through questioning expressions such as problem solving, problem posing, reasoning, making the right decision, and learning what the wrong decision is.

raising smart children


According to research experts and psychologists, “forcing a child to be a genius” can cause social and emotional problems in many individuals. In order not to face this situation, tips that develop intelligence that will make them happy too…

raising smart children

1 – Let the child experience.

Children with high intelligence often need innovation and difference. The advice of experts is to enable them to gain new life experiences, to get rid of difficulties on their own and to solve them, while satisfying the mind, growth in the brain provides the opportunity to rise in IQ.

raising smart children

2- Support their talents and direct them to different interests.

Saying that there should be absolutely no compulsion in this matter, the experts emphasized that directing the child towards the areas he enjoys doing is important for his intelligence and happiness in the standard of living. Thanks to his experience and work in different fields, he will have knowledge in every field, and it will be easier for him to find the things he likes. Thoughts such as the problems he experienced, competitor analysis, and success tactics are among the elements that feed his mind. In order to better meet and support this situation, you can have an aptitude test and reveal the subjects that you are prone to.

raising intelligent children

3- Respond to the emotional needs of the child.

The main emotion at the center of learning and progress is curiosity. This is why children who ask a lot of questions before starting school force their parents. Experts say it’s one of the times when a parent needs to be most patient because your responsiveness is crucial to their development. The more they ask “why” or “how”, the more successful they will be in school. On the other hand, ask him to guess and what could happen, while answering his questions with questions, wait a while for the right answer, let him develop his imagination. For the child who learns how to approach the events, always praise his efforts and do not hesitate to support his reasoning.

raising smart children

4- Avoid labels.

The labels you use serve to separate your child from others. This increases his chances of being bullied and puts pressure on him not to disappoint his parents. Explaining that parents should stay away from doing these, psychologists and experts also explained that they should not be afraid of making mistakes, and that it should be emphasized that mistakes are for people instead of labeling them. You should always have the “If this way is wrong, we’ll try the other way, at least we now know that this way doesn’t work” look.

raising smart children

5- Let him play a lot.

Games are great ways to make your mind think and exercise. The curious child will experience a sense of winning, reward, punishment, or success, and a sense of failure. He will try to see this feeling he has experienced in all fields and perspectives, and he will also take pleasure in trying. As parents, do not hesitate to provide him with the necessary support. Of course, no matter what happens, never forget that you are a child.

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