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When do babies eat like adults? When should babies go to the family table?

Gaining nutritional habits to babies is directly proportional to the transition to the family table. The baby should now start eating regular meals and should be included in the table culture and start eating mother’s food. Experts stated that they should not act hastily on this issue. When do babies eat like adults? When should babies go to the family table?

Every parent wants their children to develop healthily and grow up with traditions. The value of a family comes out with conversation when it is gathered around the table. In this regard, it is necessary not to act hastily with the child, but to ensure that he passes to the table. Children should be made to taste the food that adults eat and gradually get used to it. It was seen that the child’s self-confidence was restored in the table tradition, where the child had the opportunity to eat by himself, and that he had a healthy eating culture in his later years. Experts explained when babies should be brought to the table and when adults should eat their meals.

baby’s transition to the family table


Experts stated that it should be included in the breakfast especially in babies from the eighth month. The content of the prepared breakfast; it was recommended to consist of a few baby biscuits or bread, molasses, cheese, a small amount of butter, a hard-cooked egg crushed in breast milk or water.

baby’s transition to the family table

Experts state that babies need to grow to be fed, feeding is also a reason for the relationship with the mother. Therefore, in this period, the baby or the child should go from being dependent on the mother to becoming independent. This independence period of the child who is curious and trying to explore the world is progressing fast. On the one hand, the baby shows stubbornness in food or toilet training to prove his independence. The child who tries to declare his individuality may try to walk on his own or he may choose and eat his own food. Experts state that the baby has the power in this regard, and it is not recommended for the mother who is trying to force-feed her to give up as the baby becomes stubborn. This teaches that negative behavior is supported and should be done in the child. This covers the period of the baby from about 1.5 to 4 years old.

baby’s transition to the family table

Along with these, try to sit at the regular family table with your baby from the age of 1. It is also important that your baby eats and tastes small meals from breakfast and has his own plate and fork. It is important for the child to feel individualized as their self-confidence increases.

transition of the child to the family table


Just because your child sits at the table with you does not mean that they should eat the same meals as you. Of course, she can taste it, but baby’s meals should be prepared with less salt and less sugar. Until the age of 3, foods with plenty of vitamins and minerals that are important for him should be chosen. Therefore, you should prepare meals suitable for babies.

transition of the child to the family table

Literally after the age of 4, they can start eating parental meals with parents. Since it is less salty and less sugary for everyone’s health, you can keep up with the baby’s nutrition and eat your meals with him at the table.

child drinking soda


Stating that carbonated and acidic drinks should never be given, experts also stated that they should not be given in heavy meals. Regardless, the sap in a baby’s stomach is not like the fluid in an adult’s stomach. Most importantly, do not apply the reward or punishment system when your baby finishes his meal. While this creates a constant expectation in the child, it lays the foundation for the nutritional disorder and unhealthy system.

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