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When is Father’s Day 2023? The countdown to Father’s Day has begun…

The countdown to Father’s Day has begun. As the middle of June approached, the history of Father’s Day became a matter of curiosity. The countdown has begun for those who want to surprise their father and make them happy on this special day. So when is Father’s Day in 2023? Here are the details…

There are only a few days left until Father’s Day, which was celebrated in 1910 for the first time in history. Children see their father as the first and only hero in their lives. It is known that the expression “the mountain on which I lean on my back” comes from father’s love. Like mothers, fathers are precious every day. But Father’s Day is approaching, the day that will make them even more special. For Father’s Day, which coincides with June, research for gifts or a dinner reservation in a beautiful place has already begun. When will Father’s Day be celebrated, what day of the month is it? Here are the details about the 2023 Father’s Day date…

when is fathers day 2023


Father’s Day, which is celebrated in June every year, will be celebrated on Sunday, June 18, 2022 this year.

How did Father’s Day come about?


Sonora Smart Dodd, the daughter of an American Civil War veteran, thought that fathers should have a day like Mother’s Day. Dodd’s father had raised his six children alone in their mother’s absence. He started working to declare his father’s birthday, June 5, Father’s Day, but these efforts could not reach that date and the celebrations were postponed to the third Sunday of June.

Father’s Day was first celebrated on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington. In 1924, United States President Calvin Coolidge supported the celebrations; but it has not officially declared Father’s Day. In 1966, Lyndon Johnson, the president of that time, issued a statement declaring that the third Sunday of June would be celebrated as Father’s Day every year. In 1972, Father’s Day was legally declared a public holiday in the USA with the signature of President Richard Nixon.

Catholics, on the other hand, celebrate a different date as Father’s Day. They took this celebration from a religious point of view and celebrated the 19th day of March in memory of the father of the Christian prophet Jesus. They give gifts to their fathers under the name of Joseph’s Day. In some countries, these celebrations have gone beyond their religious characteristics.

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