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When should the first dental checkup be done in children?

“Regular physician control, awareness arising from the relationship of the child with the physician, and gaining the habit of brushing teeth is the greatest gain that will ensure the comfort of the child in the future” , said Bakırköy Hospitadent Dental Hospital Chief Dentist Selma Kurtoğlu stated that preventive medicine practices, which are generally applied in childhood, make the process less laborious, less expensive and less painful. He said that although it may seem costly at first, it will reduce costs in the long run, especially in preventive medicine for 0-18 age dental health.

When should the first dental checkup be done in children?

The first milk teeth begin to erupt in 6-8 months. With the eruption of milk teeth, the cleaning process begins. If there is no abnormal condition, the first dentist’s examination should be done once until the age of 2 years. Afterwards, controls are made regularly every 6 months.

How should children with fear of dentists be approached?

The biggest factor in children’s fear of the dentist is the talk, fears and bad memories of parents and close people about the dentist. In particular, intimidations and threats that will increase the fear of the dentist cause the children’s fears to settle. In such a case, even if the child has never been to the dentist before, he can learn about his fear of the dentist from his parents. Parents who say that their pain is relieved and that they are happy after the treatment gives a much more positive message to the child. At the same time, a good dialogue with the dentist during the treatment helps the child get used to the dentist. Thus, the child learns that dental visits should be normal and regular. A child who grows up like this will not have any problems with his teeth throughout his life.

When should children start brushing their teeth?

Children should start brushing their teeth from the age of 2-2.5.

How can a child gain the habit of brushing teeth?

The easiest way to teach brushing is to set an example for him as a parent. The child who watches the adults brush their teeth at home acquires this habit more easily. In addition to this, parents who brush their teeth especially at night while going to bed will also control the brushing of the child, and also give him the best education to be given with exemplary behavior. The products that children can use are fun, colorful and appealing to children. We should use healthy products and especially the products recommended by the dentist.

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