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Who is the misfit child? What are the characteristics of the maladjusted child?

People try to establish harmonious relations with their environment from the moment they are born. The more successful this adaptation process is, the happier and more peaceful we will be. There are two types of maladjustment in children: social adjustment difficulties and emotional adjustment difficulties. Experts stated that it was a psychological disorder. Who is the misfit child? What are the characteristics of the maladjusted child?

First of all, harmony is defined as establishing a balanced relationship between a person’s characteristics and his/her self and his/her environment. In short, it describes a person’s being at peace with himself and his environment. From the moment the child is born, the process of discovery and analysis continues. In this process, the child starts to enter into harmony when he/she mixes into the society and socializes. At this point, disharmony is the opposite of harmony. It is used for people who are not at peace with themselves and their environment, have trouble establishing relationships, and have difficulty maintaining their relationships. It is called mischievous, mischievous, irritable, incompatible, which is shown as maladaptive behavior among children. In a child who is in rapid growth and development, different conditions and difficulties require a new adaptation effort with each new development. Temporary adjustment disorders may also be seen during this period.

mismatched boy


Before qualifying children as maladaptive, some points need to be examined. The developmental age of the child is an important factor. Stating that every situation with children in certain periods should not be regarded as incompatible, experts stated that in some periods it coincides with the developmental period of the child and that the child in the process of discovery is incompatible with the parents. For example, the stubbornness of 2-4 children is not an incompatibility, but an individualization effort. Since the 3-6 age group is in the process of discovering their sexual orientation, they can show vicious and aggressive features.

mismatched boy

Explaining through the example, the experts stated that it is normal for the preschool child to lie because he accepts the things that exist for him, which we call imaginary lies, but do not exist in reality. Or seeing it as an escape around and experiencing it is related to the instinct of discovery again. However, if the child continues to lie after school, it is a sign that it is a sign of non-compliance and it should be seen that there is actually a problem.

mismatched boy

Even after toilet training like this, he frequently wets the bed and continues to behave aggressively, proving that he suffers from adaptation problems. For example, it is normal for a 5-6 year old child’s sibling to be jealous, but if it continues to increase instead of decreasing day by day, it is seen that the jealous child also has adjustment problems.

mismatched boy


  • Inability to learn that cannot be explained by mental, sensory or health factors,
  • Inability to establish and maintain appropriate relationships with peers and teachers
  • Inappropriate types of behavior or emotions in normal situations
  • General unhappiness and depression,
  • Physical symptoms and fears associated with personality or school problems
  • perceptual deviations,
  • Language and speech deviations and inability to relate to other people,
  • aggression towards others

mismatched boy


According to the subject, mismatched children are divided into two; “those with mood disorders” and “those with social disorders”. The reasons that cause incompatibility in children are; Biological factors that the child is born with, family relations during the child’s development period and the attention of the family to the child or not, the excessive limits and rules applied to the child at school, humiliating and offensive behaviors, and conflicts in the classroom can be given as examples.

mismatched boy


In the process that starts biologically, when the family that taught him the first world triggers incompatibility as the second factor, there will be problems in the life of the child who is exposed to humiliation and humiliation at school. If it has the features that we describe as incompatible, it should be supported by a specialist. Because while the child cannot be happy in this way, he will prefer to carry it as a burden throughout his life. Experts, who stated that because he did not know otherwise, his aggressive side would outweigh and behave like this towards everyone, warned that as he is excluded from the society, it will be further fueled and worsened.

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