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Why are children given holiday allowance? Are children given pocket money during the holidays?

Holidays have a very special place in our lives. Adults and parents, who think about giving pocket money to children during the holidays where unity, togetherness and the beauty of sharing are enjoyed, wonder what kind of situations this situation causes or what effect it has. Experts answered: Why are children given holiday allowance? Are children given pocket money during the holidays?

With the introduction of technology into our lives, the only thing that did not change about the holidays was the holiday pocket money. With the continuation of this tradition for so long, conscious mothers are trying to learn what is right and what is wrong for their children. Psychologists to children “Is pocket money given during the holiday, or if it is, what kind of way should be followed for the right attitude?” gave answers to his questions. Let’s take a look at the right attitude of sharing, protecting our values ​​and conveying the taste of the holiday to children…

holiday allowance


Holiday allowances, which are considered to be a very old culture and tradition, were also scattered in ancient times as a representation of sharing and actually celebratory feasts and happiness. Stating that the pocket money given to children affects them developmentally, the experts also explained that it should be underlined that money is only a tool. Many parents worry about their children’s introduction to money. It is striking that the child who finds the money runs and invests in junk food and keeps up with the consumer society. Unfortunately, today’s media and every subject under the name of technology encourages consumption and encourages spending money.

holiday allowance

While it is announced that many children adopt their parents as idols, they learn by watching. While the pocket money given during the holidays makes them even more impatient for the holiday, share and give them something to be happy, on the street or with their loved ones. In this regard, give importance to holiday visits and encourage your children to enjoy the holiday that they can tell their own children in the future.

pocket money for the child


Stating that the habit of spending money, which started at a young age, continues as they grow, experts stated that correct information should be given to children about pocket money during holidays. On the subject of pocket money, which is announced that it can be started from the age of three, it is necessary to explain the importance of sharing to children. We are obliged to try to achieve the benefits of saving money and setting goals. Money is a tool, not an end.

pocket money for the child

On the one hand, it should be explained that money is earned by working and from that money, they share their own money by giving pocket money because the children are not working, and that they are happy when they share. In addition, the money given to the child “just boy” Because it is a child, it should be put in a piggy bank or purse and told that it belongs to that child. Experts state that this behavior develops a sense of responsibility in children, and the freedom to spend their money and perhaps regret later will also contribute to their life development.

pocket money for the child

Stating that there should be a limit when giving holiday allowance to children, experts stated that very high amounts of money should be given in reasonable amounts in order to create a sense of saving. For children who do not know how to count, it was explained that they can be given for show.

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