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Why does hair loss occur during pregnancy? What is good for hair loss during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, which is one of the periods of hormonal disorders, the expectant mother may experience many physical and mental health problems. Vitamins and minerals taken from the mother during the development of the baby lead to negativities in the expectant mothers this time. The most common problem is hair loss. Why does hair loss occur during pregnancy? What is good for hair loss during pregnancy?

Physical changes in expectant mothers after the second month of pregnancy become visible. Because the amount of hormones that change at a serious rate cause physical changes in expectant mothers. The most common situation is experienced in the hair. As the baby develops in the womb, it receives vitamins and minerals from the mother. Therefore, vitamin deficiencies are seen in the expectant mother. Experts make additional supplements to avoid these situations. However, physical changes occur in all conditions. Hair growth and regrowth time is reduced to half of normal. Therefore, thinning is seen as the hair falls out. This situation, which is experienced due to the decrease in iron rate by 30 percent in the expectant mother, causes mental problems. Some expectant mothers experience this process as depression. This can cause serious harm to the baby. It is important for everyone’s health that this situation is normalized during pregnancy.

expectant mothers experience shedding due to vitamin deficiency


The decrease in iron content weakens the structure of cells. The cells in the roots of the hair are most affected by this. Since there is not enough vitamin going to the roots of the hair, shedding is seen.

Hormone disorders cause deterioration in body structure during pregnancy. However, vitamin deficiency also invites hair loss.

If expectant mothers have chronic diseases, this becomes even more effective during pregnancy. As a result, hair loss occurs.

To prevent hair loss during pregnancy, it is necessary to eat healthy


  • It is quite normal to encounter such situations during pregnancy, but it is useful to consult a specialist before some applications are made. Because changing cells also change the effects of expectant mothers on food. Therefore, consult a specialist before resorting to natural means. If there is no effect, you can apply the following natural ways.
  • Olive and almond oils are ideal for hair. Every evening, one hour before taking a regular bath, mix these oils and apply them to your scalp. Rinse thoroughly with warm water after an hour. Then wash with shampoo.
  • Folic acid is the most important supplement during pregnancy. Folic acid also prevents hair loss. Therefore, it is beneficial for expectant mothers to consume spinach, red beet, cabbage, asparagus and legumes.
  • Keeping hair short during pregnancy benefits both mother and baby. Therefore, it is beneficial to choose short hair during pregnancy.
  • It is recommended to stay away from situations that cause rapid wear of the hair, such as a blow dryer or straightener. It would be better if the hairbrush used is also wooden.

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