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Why is it important to talk to the baby in the womb? What are the benefits of listening to music for the baby?

The relationship between the mother and the baby is shaped as the baby falls into the mother’s womb. Music, which is the food of the soul, is good for the child in the womb and protects the mental health of the mother. Listening to music for the baby in the womb supports the development of their visual intelligence and is important for their mental motor skills. It allows the baby to be born into the world to be prepared and conditioned in advance.

Pregnancy begins with the placement of the zygote in the mother’s womb. The topics, behaviors and habits spoken in this period are very important. The mother-to-be talking with her hands on her tummy causes the baby to feel listened to and valued.

the importance of talking to the baby in the womb

Experts who provide information about the hearing functions of babies in the womb, reported that the hearing organ was completed first before the sense. On the basis of this situation, psychologists emphasized that the baby hears and understands everything. While explained that fights, discussions, conversations are all being recorded, it was emphasized that relaxing music to be played to the baby is important.

the importance of talking to the baby in the womb

Music relaxes, enlivens, calms and enriches the human side of the child. Shake your baby in sync with the music and explaining how this experience affects him and his developing brain, experts stated that babies live in a complex world and their senses such as light and sound are constantly evolving.

the importance of talking to the baby in the womb

There are strong rhythmic patterns in the language of music. The timing of the syllables helps listeners identify one speech sound from another and understand what someone is saying. What helps babies learn to speak is the ability to identify differences in speech sounds.

the importance of talking to the baby in the womb


Experts say that the baby in the mother’s womb first hears the mother’s bowel sounds and heart sounds, then the vibration of the vibrating vocal cords when the mother speaks, dissipates through the lungs and abdomen, and the mother’s voice comes to her senses. He stated that he met her. After a while, he will realize the importance of this hearing function, which has only one relationship with the outside world, and will feel that the voice he hears is the voice of the person on whom his life depends, the one who creates himself . As of this moment, as long as the mother hears the sound of the heartbeat and the mother’s voice, she will believe that there is no threat to her own life and she will feel peace.

the importance of talking to the baby in the womb

He explained that he kept the bond between the boy tight from the very beginning. When you sing, they connect with you and your voice. Talking to him makes you the first and most important voice in his life. The baby in the womb feels loved.

the importance of talking to the unborn baby

A song for waking, sleeping and other routine transitions and activities, the next It helps them know my name. Language itself is musical, and as you sing and speak, your baby learns words, language and communication. With your singing, baby’s understanding of language begins. You introduce new words as you sing and hold your baby when they are born. When you hold a stuffed dog while singing about a dog, the baby learns to associate the name of that toy with the words you say.

the importance of talking to the baby in the womb


  • Experts have revealed that it positively affects the condition of the baby in the womb. It has been observed that babies react to musical pieces or rhythmic sounds played more than once.
  • Babies who listen to music in the womb respond very quickly to sounds when they are born, they start talking early.
  • A baby’s aesthetic sense and rhythm intuition develop when music is played . Strong emotions awaken in the baby.
  • Also, studies have shown that babies who move to the beat of the music smile more. It has been observed that it is easier to soothe the baby and they are more willing to explore their environment than babies who just listen.


Nature sounds; Albums with rain, wind, waves, animal sounds and bird songs can be preferred. From the fifth month of pregnancy, , it is recommended to listen to music especially during the times when the baby is active . Music can be played in daily 10-15 minute sessions.

the importance of talking to the baby in the womb

First of all, babies enjoy sound waves that do not tire their brain waves. Therefore, classical music is the type of music they enjoy the most . Especially the melodies with repetitive structure such as Baroque music genre or nature sounds are the music that babies feel the most peaceful. Since the sound from the outside reaches the mother’s womb in the form of waves, it is sufficient for the music to be playing in the room you are in. Listening to these sounds for a long time both gives peace to the baby and is important for brain development.

the importance of talking to the baby in the womb


All this As a result of the information, maybe the two things that should be kept in mind for expectant mothers; is knowing that you need to start talking to your babies first , to make them feel the effect of your voice on them, to start in the womb and then to start the healing process of music again in the mother’s womb and to prepare for the birth .

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