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What is the use of Seed Seed Powder and what are its benefits? How to consume Seed Seed Powder?

An exciting research result emerged from the experts about the sea buckthorn, which can be grown easily even in arid lands. It turned out that the powder obtained from the kernel of the buckwheat, which has a great healing effect, has effective benefits from intestinal disorders to bone development, from drying infections to balancing high blood pressure.


Food & Healty

Ata Demirer, who lost 30 kilos, was surprised! The famous comedian remained crocheted

Famous comedian Ata Demirer, who we know with his extra pounds, became an event on social media with his weight loss. Explaining how he lost weight in a program he attended, Demirer shared his meltdown day by day on his social media account. The weak states of the famous comedian, who attracted attention with his shares, were showered with comments.

Mother & Kids

Advice from an expert to young couples: Have a child after 2 years!

At the Close Relations Symposium organized by Altınbaş University, the subject of 'similar and divergent aspects of happy marriage and motherhood' was discussed. prof. Dr. Öget Öktem Tanör gave striking explanations on the subject and gave advice to young couples about happy marriage and children.

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ove & Relationships

2023 trends in relationships

What are the trends in emotional, work, family and friend relationships in 2023? Psychologist Gizem Sürenkök gives clues about 2023 relationship trends.

Singles’ expectations from relationships in 2023

According to the OkCupid research, which emerged from the answers of 10 billion people, we have explained for you what are the expectations of single people in 2023.

How do you know if a man is the “right man”?

How true do you think the person you have taken into your life is? If you have even the slightest bit of doubt in your mind then pay attention to these 3 tips!

Does your girlfriend want to marry you? If he doesn’t avoid touching you….

In order for the relationship to progress in a healthy way, some conditions must be fulfilled. Of course, love and respect are at the forefront ...

How long can a mother’s crib be used?

mother's crib why? This is also basket crib Also known as It is placed at the end of the bedroom in the bedroom used by the parents. Thus, it ...



Check out the push up bikinis that will make you feel even more confident throughout the summer.


Nakish is both brave and young with his new collection “Celebrating Harmony”; and classic in a very elegant way.

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