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10 essentials of a healthy sexual life

A good sex life has a huge impact on daily life. Studies show that sexuality is a determining factor from work life to individual self-confidence. In this news we have compiled for you, Dr. Listen to Ayşe Duman’s suggestions.

Love your body

If you have inner wars about your femininity, end it. Do not expect an energy (feminine energy) with which you are at war to add color to your life. Make peace with yourself, your body, and your sexual identity.

Get out of the routine

Color your sex life and sexual area. Do not block your energy flow with rules such as “only in the bedroom, on certain days and times”. Acting as you feel like, going against the rules will liberate you, and your sexual life will automatically improve while your liberated body adapts to this flow.

Use essential oils

Smell is one of the most important external factors affecting human energy. Fragrance is a good tool to raise your feminine energy, feel good and stimulate your sex drive.

When choosing a scent, you should first pay attention to the feeling and effect that that scent evokes in you. For example, the scent of roses increases the feminine energy, but you may have a bad memory of this scent or disturb you for any reason. Smell lightly and close your eyes to find the scent that suits you best.

In the list of essential oils with aphrodisiac effect, we can count ylang ylang, rose, musk, geranium, and oud. You can drip these oils in a very small amount on some parts of the bed or evaporate together with the water in the censer and make the place smell.

In addition to all these, it is very important for your partner to tell their preferences in choosing a scent and to meet in a common scent.

The choice of clothing is important

When you get home, stop pulling your “gray sweatpants”. Tights are more feminine instead of pants, they make you feel good If you feel comfortable with only my gray sweatpants, remember that this can be a subconscious defense and body closure system


It doesn’t matter with your partner or alone. Dance at least three days a week for 5-10 minutes. Immerse your body and mind to the rhythm you hear during the day, to the music. These practices make it easier for you to let your body go to the rhythm of sexuality and the flow of feminine energy.

Make your drinks laugh

Throw 2-3 roses in your cold-hot drinks.Rose tea helps to remove toxins from the body.It benefits kidney health, urinary tract province reduces the risk of inflammation. It is important for the functioning of the uterus, vagina and ovaries.

In addition, the freshness of the rose aroma facilitates the calming and relaxation of the body. Even if you cannot drink rose tea every day, it will be beneficial to add 2-3 roses to your drinks.

Listen to the dynamics of your relationship

Learn about your own body and your partner’s body and sensitive points. Recognize and demand your wishes and needs, and listen to your partner in this regard. A sexual life that everyone will be happy with is long-lasting and healthy.

Take care of your diet

Avoid heavy oily and floury foods, especially at dinner. Feeling light is very important in this regard, as it will not limit your movements.

Prefer silky touch

Go to bed in a nightgown, not pajamas. Choose products with a silky touch in your underwear and linens. You will probably feel better.

Do not give up on sexuality when you become a mother

Motherhood and sexuality are two important areas that do not interfere with each other, on the contrary, where feminine energy is intense and feeds each other. . The imbalance caused by giving up on sexuality will negatively affect your motherhood and social life. Do not forget that a satisfying sexual life is an element of balance for your body and mind.

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