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What women enjoy the most

Sensual looks, sexually appealing but elegant and sweet words make the brain think about sexuality. Yes, we start to enjoy it from our brain. If our brain is not ready for sex, our body becomes insensitive to touch. That’s why women have to want their partner in order to enjoy sex, they have to desire him. The fact that the woman trusts her partner at that moment helps her relax about sexuality. If you’re wondering about the process after you get through this stage, check out our special article on Pudra.com.

What do women enjoy , do you know? In this article, I will guide you about where your disoriented hands and lips should travel on the female body… Here are the things you need to do on the way to a happy sexuality!

Couples need time to get more pleasure out of sex and explore each other’s bodies. Couples who spend time with each other and talk to each other are happier in bed. Because the process is more important than the result in sexuality. For this reason, couples need to touch each other and discover each other in order to find each other’s pleasure points. Couples who verbally or behaviorally convey what they feel to the other person when touched, become more open to happiness in bed.

Note the lips: Women cannot remain indifferent when they meet someone who knows how to touch their lips with their fingertips. Mild lip touches during foreplay, and men who know how to kiss when desire increases win.

Boobs: If you want to give a woman more pleasure during foreplay and sex, you should not forget about women’s nipples and their surroundings. If extremely sensitive nipples become prominent, your partner is aroused. But be careful when concentrating here, don’t hurt her if she doesn’t want to. Maybe in the 18+ movies you’ve watched, you’ve only seen men sucking on women’s nipples, but a woman takes pleasure not only from her nipples, but also around her. While in close contact with him, caress the chest area with your hands, at some moments, touch the area around the nipples instead of the nipples, explore it with light tongue movements that are not wet, from time to time slowly approach the armpit with slow movements… With the other hand, gently caress the other breast, Don’t forget to palm. Your partner will probably decide at that time what your free hand will do.

Back: The back is one of the most aroused areas by women. Contact, which starts with back and light shoulder massage and continues with provocative caresses and kisses, is one of the best foreplay methods. But while doing this, keep your body close to it. Giving your weight to her with your body while the woman lying on her face is ready; Making small touches to his shoulders and neck will enable him to act to guide you. If she feels ready, while you’re on her, hug her waist from behind, gently move your hands towards her genital area and start stimulating her clitoris. Of course, when and to the extent he permits…

Now it’s time for the most sensitive part of women’s body, the genital area. Women enjoy being touched with their lips on the groin areas above the genital area.

Before we start to examine the pleasure points in the genital area of ​​women one by one, let us tell you an interesting region. Women also like to have their butts touched. A light massage with both hands here can open the door to a beautiful sexuality. Squeezing the buttocks during penetration also increases the pleasure.

Scientifically, the 4 main pleasure points in the genitals of women

There are some scientifically proven pleasure points in women. I will talk about the 4 most important pleasure points in the genital areas for you.
C point (Clitoris):
There are nearly 8000 nerve fibers in this region, which is called the clitoris in English. There are no such sensitive points in any other part of the body, including the penis. However, since this area is very sensitive, if the woman is not wet enough, the arousal can cause pain and suffering in the woman. This area becomes ready to be touched after sufficiently stimulated during foreplay. Do not neglect this area during lovemaking.
G point (Grafenberg point):
The reason why this region, which is located on the inside of the vaginal canal, 1 or 2 cm above the bladder, is extremely difficult to discover, is because the G-spot appears only during a correct penetration or after the woman has been stimulated at a certain level. So the G spot is not a myth. It just isn’t in a place where it’s readily available.
U point (Urethra point):
It takes its name from the English word urethra. It is located in the upper part of the vagina on either side of the urine outlet. When the U point, which is a very sensitive point, is stimulated together with the G point, the woman gets much more pleasure.
point A:
Located at the very end of the vaginal canal, this region can only be stimulated by penetration. The pressure and pressure increase during sexual penetration helps to stimulate the woman sexually.

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